Oh man, what a week?!


I’m home and almost caught up from my work trip to Virginia. It was crazy and ended with getting stuck in Chicago. The airline gave me a hotel voucher, and I should have checked reviews before going to my room. Yikes! The Uber driver could not get back to me fast enough. By the way, Uber saved my life a few times this trip. Make sure you try them out if you haven’t already. But Virginia was amazing! I loved meeting with my co-workers from one of my main clients. Good people, good food, and fun times! 2014-05-16 15.15.32

I was away from Kylie for four days, and it was the longest four days ever. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast, but I missed her so much. When I arrived in Detroit for my husband to pick me up from the airport, I almost ran to the car so I could see her. She was running around the van and gave me the cutest face through the window. Oh man, I missed her!

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Updates from Kristen

Michigan Necklace

It’s been crazy the last few days. Sunday, Tony and I took Kylie and Dexter on hike at a local park. It is neat little place with water, a boardwalk, big hills, and other scenes that are fun to look at for a toddler. I didn’t know it until today but he posted a cute post for me. Kylie also bought me an adorable necklace. I love it, Thanks Tony!

Today, I spent most of the day catching up on a few online trainings, work deadlines, and last-minute conference calls before my 3 day to out east.

Washington Monument
I will be in Virginia and Washington Dc for the next three days on a work trip. However, like our last trip I will make sure to post a few photos of my adventures.

One last thing, did you know I will be launching a new website soon that will be the home for my online marketing services? You will be able to find everything from tips on scheduling tweets, Facebook ads, to email list building. I will have free trainings and some great services you can customize to help your business.

Talk to ya soon!


I just want to say Happy Mother’s Day and Thank You to my best friend and wife. I have been blessed with the greatest daughter and family!


We love Saturday


Today, will be fun! Going for a walk around the neighborhood.  Mama’s dyeing her hair, when Kylie naps. And she will nap. Hopefully. Playing with blocks and coloring. Kylie and daddy are visiting grandma. I get to go shopping for clothes for a work event. Ending the night with backyard fire and s’mores. We love Saturday.

#TBT: Kristen in 2004

Before I lived with Tony, I lived with my best friend Danielle for many years. Danielle do you remember how many?

It was some of the best times of my life. These pictures were taken at a purse party she had at our house.

my houze 005 my houze 006

(Yes this is a couch on our porch. It’s a long story and my only excuse is a lot of alcohol was consumed.)

my houze 066

Saturday morning cartoons

Today I wanted to share a few of Kylie’s favorite cartoons. She loves music and bright colors. Kermit and Miss Piggy are her all time favorite, but they are a little hard to find. We have Netflix and Hulu, so we have a lot of choices.

At thirteen months old here are her favorites:


Sesame Street

This is obvious. Most kids love these adorable little Muppets. Jim Henson is a genius and Kylie loves all of his stuff!

Tinga Tinga Tales

Tinga Tinga Tales

This show is bright and has a lot of singing. Usually, Kylie is doing other things when this show is on and she will stop and watch the singing parts. It’s super cute!

Disney Buddies

Disney Buddies

We have these movies on Netflix and Kylie loves all of them. She likes to watch real animals, and talking dogs are the best.

#TBT: Tony and Kristen in 2005

Today’s #TBT is from July 2005. It was my best friends birthday, and she had a small party at her house. Tony is so much fun! This weekend was one of the first we hung out together. (Photos taken with a really old point & Shoot camera)

tonyandkristen-1 tonyandkristen-2 tonyandkristen-3


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